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You’re driven? You work hard?
Your job is important to you?

You want it all without compromising on your health?
We already have a lot in common.


Hi, I’m 


And I know what it’s like to feel about to break down as the doctor delivered the words…


About 15 years ago I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer. I felt totally helpless watching as she ran out of options with conventional medicine. Grieving took a toll on my health and my busy lifestyle as a busy executive added to the problem.  I knew I was out of balance when I began to experience panic attacks, back pain, and a host of other issues. 


Took my doctors a few tries, but I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's. With no cure available at the time, and thinking that I’d have to deal with this condition for the rest of my life, I almost began to think that a healthy life wasn’t in the cards for me.




Intuition is a miraculous thing. I had this feeling that there was, in fact, a solution out there for me. I educated myself, advocated for myself, and my symptoms began to dissipate. 


I couldn’t contain the excitement I felt at being able to uncover a solution for myself. I knew then and there that I wanted to help others do the same. 


It was clear to me that many executives like me were experiencing health issues, burnout, and a host of other struggles. So I enrolled in a coaching program and the rest is history.


Once I learned how powerful our thoughts can be, I discovered that stress and negative emotions were contributing greatly to my symptoms. During my time in the coaching program, my symptoms disappeared entirely. I witnessed, first-hand, how our bodies have the power to heal in different ways.


Next, I enrolled in a PhD program in integrative natural medicine and launched my thriving coaching practice, where I help two groups of people:


  • I help high-level professionals who want to live a life of purpose to bring body, mind, and heart into balance.

  • I provide healthcare professionals with ICF Accredited Coach Training to give them global credibility and increase their market value.


I use a multidimensional model that enables my clients to explore options, set goals, gain self-awareness, overcome obstacles and achieve balance by utilizing a range of modalities including cognitive behavior therapy, mind-body connection, quantum medicine, aromatherapy, mindfulness, quantum biofeedback, auriculotherapy and acupressure, homeopathy, Taoist medicine, effective supplements, diet and movement.


A few years later my symptoms reemerged, but this time I was prepared. I used integrative medicine to focus on whole body healing, coaching, homeopathy, aromatherapy, diet, supplements, and breathing techniques. And once again, these strategies alleviated all of my symptoms. 


This is my quantum health story.


Fast forward 15 years. I’ve now helped hundreds of executives identify and address the root causes of their symptoms. 

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My passion – and my purpose – is helping others to live their best lives and naturally minimize the physical and mental symptoms that stand in the way.

In my work as an Integrative Health Coach,

I help high-level professionals seeking a life of purpose to bring body, mind, and heart into balance using creative, science-based tools and effective alternative modalities so they can upshift vitality as well as physical and mental performance. 


Does this sound good to you?


Are you ready to take your health in your own hands under professional guidance?

I will help you regain your vitality, get back your health and find inner balance. I will guide you professionally by creating a robust, science-based, simple-to-follow plan that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle. 


Create a health based story of your life. Find out what your options are.

Let’s start a conversation.

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