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Awareness Talks and Keynotes

Empowering Employees to Become Health-Aware

Is Your Wellness Initiative Falling Flat?

In today’s corporate culture, teams are often stretched to their limits. This can lead to high levels of stress, little time for exercise, and poor eating habits.

This saps energy from your teams and dollars from your budget. Absenteeism, unnecessary doctor visits, and the high cost of patient treatments end up spiking when wellness isn’t a priority.

It’s well-proven that when you nurture your employees with a wellness program, they’re healthier, happier, and more balanced. They also naturally become increasingly high-performing, dedicated, and loyal. 

But successfully deploying a wellness initiative can be challenging. You’ve got to help employees see that wellness is more than just another buzzword.


Engage and Transform Your Team with a
Health-Awareness Talk or Keynote

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Create a thriving workplace culture by embedding health awareness into the lifestyle of your employees and into your corporate fabric. By properly educating and engaging your team, we’ll empower your employees to become more health-aware. 


By bringing body, mind, and heart into balance with science-based tools, employees will naturally experience sustained energy, as well as improved focus and drive. Health-awareness talks are a proactive approach that gets ahead of issues before they become problems for your employees and your business.


In my talks and keynotes, I deliver an intuitive, hands-on experience that can be seamlessly integrated into tight schedules to promote stress reduction and resilience. Are you ready to energize your culture?

Let’s start a conversation about your organization’s health awareness needs.

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