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Boost Wellness, Vitality, Purpose and Resilience 

Start Your Journey Towards
Health and Performace Today

Own Your Health. Drive Productivity. Find Balance. 

What got you to this point in your career likely won’t be enough to propel you to what’s next. 


Stress, time constraints, and lack of balance sap strength and energy from even the strongest executives.

The solution is a results-oriented mindset shift:

Learn to bring the body, mind, and heart into balance and create peak performance.


Leverage tailor-made, innovative,  science-based tools and effective alternative modalities to create more vitality and upshift physical and mental performance.


The struggle to balance ambition and self-care is real.

High-stress levels, auto-immune diseases, and chronic conditions creep up when your health takes a back seat to your career. Traditional medicine can help, but has limitations. 


To perform at peak performance and be first in line for advancement, physical and emotional health is essential. That’s where health coaching comes in. Effortless solutions that fit easily into a busy schedule include:


Rediscover the agility and energy to adapt in today’s ever-evolving landscape


Cultivate new skills to lead with conviction


Achieve mindfulness and inner balance

Meet Your Coach,
Dana Barto

I'm Dana Barto, the CEO of Quantum Health.


For 10+ years, I've worked with executive leaders in all fields, aligning their health goals with greater levels of leadership performance.


A Health and Wellbeing Coach, Ph.D. candidate, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Faculty Member at the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring, I began learning about health and leadership during a successful career in the corporate world.


Triggered by a chronic medical condition and a life-long struggle to find the right medication, my journey into integrative health coaching began 13 years ago. 

Today, my work is dedicated to helping others live a life full of energy, vitality, and purpose and free of chronic disease.


Health Coaching with me is anchored in scientific research and uses alternative modalities that optimize mind, body, and soul.

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Working with leaders around the world to create high-impact lifestyle changes that optimize health and performance.

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“No one will save you but yourself.
Trust your intuition when it comes to what's going on in your body and the route it needs to take to heal”.

“I help high-level professionals who want to live a life of purpose to find body, mind, and heart balance using creative, science-based tools and effective alternative modalities so they can upshift their vitality and physical and mental performance.”


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Dana Barto supported me as a capable and compassionate coach when I needed her the most in my life. I was faced with a complex health issue that is better supported by a health coach than a medical professional. Dana helped me discover the deeper thoughts and emotions that were manifesting in the body and disturbing my entire energy system. I recommend Dana Barto to all individuals and organizations who are seeking a holistic coach who can connect multiple dots to help you navigate the complexities of life. 

Dr. Iftikhar Nadeem, MCC

Chair, ICF Global Board for Coaching in Organizations (2022)

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